Bairoil School: Part 2

by Xavier Walton,

We reported last week that safety threats prompted Bairoil School to close its door just four months into the year.
Today we go in depth on what exactly was going on between that bullied teacher and a disgruntled parent.

Opened since 1936..."My son who is 39 years old graduated in this class." Bairoil School has a storied history.
"It's a Beacon in our community," said Kristi Johnson

But the beacon's plot thickened when it's doors were chained shut.
"What the heck do they expect you to do," shouted a Bairoil resident.
"We hear about guns, enuendo's and non-verbal cues that make somebody feel uncomfortable after they've already been threatened," said Fletcher Turcato, Superintendent of Carbon County School District #1.
"There's a lot of he said she said," Kristi Johnson said.
To clear up the he said she said we spoke with the teacher who was at the center of it all.  Too shaken to go on camera, she took to email.
She said it started with a parent making harassing phone calls.
Then when that same parent's son left his backpack at home, the mother was asked to bring it in. When she did, she said this as she was leaving - “Yeah, I found it under a pile of guns.”
"Shauna Huerman has not felt safe out there," said Turcato.
From the comment involving guns, fire arms, to violently suggestive gestures.
Shauna Heuermann said Mrs. Atwill began sitting on her front porch punching her fist, slicing her hand across her throat
"She was visibly shaken and basically incapable of doing a proficient job after these threats," said Turcato.

We reached out to Mrs. Atwill, asking if these claims were true - she said a resounding no.

Nonetheless according to Mrs. Heuermann threats continued.  The last one coming at this years Halloween party.
Mrs. Atwill was heard saying “I don’t care if I go to jail over this, I am done with her.”
That single comment filled with all kinds of dire disdain led to this, chains being put on the doors, and the building being cleared out.
"None of us knew what was going on," said Sue Rigano, Mayor of Bairoil.
"They called me Friday November 15 and told me the school was closed," said Johnson.
“We didn't feel there was a major threat,” said Rigano.
Despite how the mayor felt, local authorities got involved, school officials say the mother was served a restraining order– leaving a town staple closed.
As for the teacher, she's moved on leaving this comment behind, "As long as people are allowed to behave like that out there, and even cheered on, it isn’t safe for any teacher.

We spoke with Mrs. Atwill via telephone and are still awaiting her decision to respond on camera.