Centenial HS Teacher Accused of Sexual Assault

Submitted By: Liz Cooper, lcooper@k2tv.com

A Centenial Junior High math teacher is charged with two counts of sexual assault of a minor. The school district attorney refuses to confirm or deny if the victim is a student at Centenial. 24 year old Tyler Russell, appeared in circuit court yesterday afternoon where he was formally charged with the two felonies. Russell faces up to 20 years in prison for each charge. According to reports, the victim's mother contacted police after she discovered on her daughter's facebook page that she may possibly be having a sexual relationship with Russell. During the investigation, Russell reportedly told police he did have sexual relations on two occasions with the alleged victim. Police say Russell wrote a letter of apology and remorse to the young girl. Natrona county school district attorney, Kathleen Dickson, says Russell is not in contact with students at this time, and not present at any school in Natrona County. It is uncofirmed if Russell is suspended with or without pay while the investigation is ongoing.