The Gift of Life

Jeff Schuman reports,

The 6th annual Day of Giving drew large numbers as people donated everything from blood to food to used eyeglasses.

People helping people; that's what the Day of Giving is all about.

"I'm just really grateful and I just hugged him and I just got pretty emotional," organ donor recipient Jenny Winters said.

As bags of food came in and donors voluntarily gave away their blood, one thing seems for certain.

"Together we can do so much. When I taught my mentor was if everybody does a little, nobody has to do a lot," Day of Giving organizer Greta Morrow said.

It's people like Jenny Winters that volunteers come together.

"On 9/19/99 I received the gift of life," Winters said. "A double lung transplant. Every time I take a's her."

Jenny says she is forever thankful to not just her donor, but every donor...including Larry Janos.

"My son passed a year ago yesterday and today was the day that they actually did the recovery on him," Larry Janos said.

From one organ to the next, Larry's 23-year-old son Tyler now lives through several grateful recipients all because he was a donor.

"It's a good thing that his organs went to help so many people and improve so many people's lives," Janos said.

Jenny says life is measured not in the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. And she says today Larry took her breath away.

"Life is the ultimate gift; that's why we call it the present 'cause it's a gift," Winters said.

"This is more of a day to celebrate what our son did for so many other people," Janos said.