34 Officers Accused of Cheating

Submitted By: K2 News Desk, info@k2tv.com

34 US nuclear missile launch officers have been stripped of their launch certification, after being accused of cheating. This latest black eye for the command based at FE Warren Air Force Base, is considered the largest breach of integrity in the history of the american nuclear forces. The allegations are that some of the officers texted each other the answers to questions on a monthly test about missile operations. Others apparently knew about the cheating, but did not report it. The scandal was uncovered as part of the drug investigation we first told you about last week. 11 air force officers at 6 bases in both the US and great britain have already been implicated for their alleged involvement with illegal drugs. One of those officers is based at FE Warren. It's not known if any, or how many of the 34 officers connected to the cheating scandal are stationed at the Cheyenne base. The 450 ICBM arsenal is spread between FE Warren, Montana's Malmstrom and North Dakota's Minot air bases.