Standoff Leaves Cheyenne Man Hospitalized

Jeff Schuman reports,

A Cheyenne man is hospitalized following a three hour standoff with law enforcement Saturday evening.

Just before 11 p.m. Saturday night, officers from the Laramie County Sheriff's Department and Cheyenne Police Department responded to a report of a suicidal individual with a firearm.

"Our officers responded to a truck that had a 5th wheel behind it," said Lt. Linda Gesell, Laramie County Sheriff's Department. "They initially walked up to the door and a shot went off from inside the trailer."

The officers then retreated and set up a perimeter where attempts to talk to the suspect identified as Hardy Ray Hodge began. But after 45 minutes of unsuccessful discussion...

"The deputy's and Cheyenne police officers saw a gun come out of the window and that's when our officers opened fire. Once that happened, then we maintained that perimeter again trying to get the individual out."

A Swat team and crisis negotiation unit arrived on scene, but were unable to contact Hodge until approximately 1:45 a.m. when he finally responded to law enforcement and dropped his weapon out of one of the camper windows.

"He was transported by A.M.R. to the hospital where he underwent surgery and is at this time still in the hospital," Gesell said.

The stand off all began with Hodge getting into a confrontation earlier in the day with the female party who notified law enforcement as she became worried of his condition. And it ended with the suspect in the hospital after suffering multiple gun shot wounds.