54 Indicted In Casper Drug Raid

K2's Ophelia Young reports, oyoung@k2tv.com: 

We now know that 54 people were indicted in connection with a major drug raid last Friday morning in Casper. 

28 of them appeared in District Court this afternoon. 

There were so many suspects, the case was split into two court rooms and then into several sessions. 

District attorney Mike Blonigen says altogether, authorities arrested 36 people. 

18 more are still on the loose, and that's just in Wyoming. 

Authorities say the ring existed at least since January of 2009 and that it spanned a total of four states: Iowa, Utah, Washington and what prosecutors says may be the hub--right here in Casper. 

Last Friday morning, authorities raided two homes near 15th and Jackson. 

What they found was a large Meth and Marijuana operation. 

Over the weekend, the Department of Criminal Investigations have been seeking members of the drug ring.  Some were arrested through car pursuits.  Some they've tracked or are tracking all the way to Denver. 

The District Attorney says the investigation and raid was as large as the drug operation. 

The 28 suspects in court today are being held on bonds that range from $10,000 to $500,000.