WCC Temporarily Exempt?

Submitted By: K2 News Desk, info@k2tv.com

Changes are underway at Wyoming Catholic College. The college will temporarily be exempt from providing contraceptive coverage to it's employees through their health care plans. The faith based college in Lander complained against the mandate filed 2 months ago and was granted a temporary stay this week. The Lander College's health insurance provider, Christian Brothers Services is the same carrier that insures a group of Colorado nuns challenging the free birth control mandate in a federal appeals court in Denver. The nuns were granted temporary relief from complying with the mandate in December and again in February by the US Supreme Court. The stay only effects the employes and faculty of Wyoming Catholic College, the college does not offer health care coverage to it's 111 students. Wyoming Catholic College President Doctor Kevin Roberts says the college will allays uphold their 1st amendment right and is thankful for Wyoming's support .