Concerns Continue for Possible Jackson Landslide

Submitted by K2 News Staff:
Concerns continue to grow for an unstable hillside in Northwest Wyoming. Teton County Emergency Managment says the landslide in Jackson is accelerating.
The slide is potentially 40 to 50 feet deep and around 300 to 600 feet wide.  There is concern the slide may run hundreds of feet uphill to the top of East Gros Ventre Butte.
The town of Jackson is continuing to work with geologists and engineers to monitor the slide's progression.

Nearly three weeks ago a tragic landslide devastated Oso, Washington .

With that fresh in the minds of many, Jackson officials aren't taking any chances.

"We were just told that the hillside was unstable," said a Jackson resident.

Families forced from their homes, PIO Roxanne Robinson explains why.

"One of the things that was of high concern to us was the access to the neighborhood.  There's only one road in and out of this neighborhood and it is Budge Drive. And we did see some slight buckling of the road and there are some cracks in the retaining wall," said Roxanne Robinson, P.I.O. of landslide incident.

Stores like Walgreens and other businesses in the Hillside Complex are told - close your doors.

A landslide specialist is flown in.  According to engineers and geologists the hill side is still unstable.

"If we weren't able to get those residents out and a landslide did occur it would be much more difficult to help those residents," said Robinson.