Jackson Landslide Latest

Submitted by Xavier Walton, xwalton@k2tv.com

The Jackson hillside continues to creep closer and closer to a catastrophe.

"The earth has dropped at least 15 feet," said Roxanne Robinson, town spokeswoman.

That drop resulted in this- a house nearly split in two.

The initial quick fix for the slide was a buttress, but because of continued instability town officials are looking at plan-b.

"The drill rig is in route today and then they'll be drilling four holes so they can get better measurements with these inclinometers," said Robinson.  "They can tell us what material is in the slide, what sort of things might work to mitigate the slide, and to go forward from there."

Initial costs were $700,000.  However, Robinson says the price tags going up. A landslide expert is on site gathering more data.
Each day experts are looking at readings trying to predict the slow-moving slides next move.

"It's still moving.  It's still moving down at the toe, but it has seemed to slow down a bit," said Robinson.
Even the smallest shift is posing major threats.  Several evacuation orders are still in effect keeping 3 of Joe Rices businesses closed.

"We have the most employees.  We have the most businesses closed at this time. I mean it's apples and oranges here- it's tens of thousands of dollars," said Joe Rice, business owner.

Reporting on the looming potential of a catastrophic slide in Jackson I'm Xavier Walton k2 news.