Day 2 of Trial for Man Accused of Attempted Murder

Submitted By: K2 News Desk,

The Casper man accused of attempted first degree murder had his second day of trial today. Casper police say that Zachariah Johnson was one of 2 men that went into Robert Masterson's home in March 2013, nearly killing him. Johnson's alleged accomplice, Robert Simmons, has already plead guilty and is behind bars for his role in the attack. Simmons appeared in court to testify, but ultimately never took the witness stand. Johnson also declined to testify in his own case. But, Rayman Lewis, a previous cell mate with Johnson, did. Lewis summed up his many conversations with Johnson with this, "if the knife had been sharp, this would have been a murder case." The defense maintains that the stabber was Simmons, not Johnson. If convicted Johnson faces life in prison, the trial is expected to wrap up tomorrow.