A Call for a Canine

Submitted By: Andrew Lofholm, alofholm@k2tv.com

A Casper family needs your help. Their daughter is in a race against time for the keen senses of a dog...the family you are about to meet is a family of 5. As K2's Andrew Lofholm reports... the 9 and 10 year old are healthy....their youngest is not. There is though, a lifeline...that's a canine.

If you would like to donate, visit fundrazr.com and search "A Guardian Angel for Kali." This is tax deductable. And you can also follow Kali's story on Facebook,
by searching, "A Diabetic Alert for Kali....and her future dogs...... "NIDAD Daisy the Diabetic Alert Dog." Kali hopes to have daisy by her side by July or August...later this year.