2 Trucks Collide on North Poplar

Submitted By: Matthew Seedorf, mseedorff@k2tv.com

Two trucks collided on North Poplar Street near interstate 25 today. Around 11:30am police responded to the scene after two tractor trailers collided. No injuries were reported but authorities say one of the trucks ran a red light, before crashing into the other one. The tractor trailer then rolled onto its side spilling multiple pipes weighing up to 180 pounds each across the street. It's also believed that the tanker was filled with diesel, but safety was not a concern despite the damage. The situation was under control within minutes, but caused quite the headache for commuters. No word yet on who is at fault for the accident. However, police do believe that charges will be filed. For the most up to date information on this situation and much more, stick with k2 news.