LCCC Students Honor Veterans Through Acrylics

Jeff Schuman reports,

The Cheyenne VA receives a patriotic mural from proud LCCC art students

Inside the confines of the Cheyenne VA Medical Center is hundreds of years of service. And now, a mural that took hundreds of hours to complete rests within.

"When yu look at it and say 'oh a bunch of students did this because they appreciate us,' that's pretty cool," national guard veteran and LCCC student Vanessa Stuart said. "It gives me a really warm feeling."

The 30 foot by 4 foot acrylic mural took six LCCC students over three months to complete. And what started out as a community service project soon turned into so much more.

"These veterans are people's family," LCCC student Samantha Logan said. "Each one has a family. So by honoring one you honor the nation."

"You want to give something back and this was a little something that I could. It's a little something for them," LCCC student Hailey Dungan said.

It's not often that one has the opportunity to give back to those who have done so much for this country; let alone leave a mark on history themselves.

"I'm really proud. I'm hoping it stays long enough that I could bring kids back and say look what your mom did," Dungan said.

The mural consists of several patriotic images framed by an American flag. And one veteran left his mark with a simple, yet powerful phrase.

"Every veteran, male or female, has given some type of sacrifice. Some, unfortunately, have given the ultimate sacrifice," Marine veteran George Culpepper, Jr. said.

The painting now sets on a wall where veterans of all kinds can walk down the hall feeling honored and remembered.