Casper Teen Donates Prosthetic to Man in Haiti

Reporting:  Denise Pernula

A tragic accident crippled the game of a one-time fierce basketball competitor and her ability to run like the wind.  But Karsyn Hornby's turn around was greater than any rebound she could have grabbed off the backboard.

It began as an innocent-enough Wednesday summer joyride for three girlfriends.  Karsyn Hornby's biggest concern was getting caught by her parents, but it ended with Karsyn's leg smashed into the back of her parent's garage.  Her carefree childhood and hardwood dreams abruptly shattered.

Karsyn said, "In the ambulance the medic kept touching each one of my toes.  He'd say, 'can you feel this?'  By the time we got to the hospital I  couldn't feel him touch my toes.  And then I got really scared."

With wood chips embedded into her right leg and her shin bone sticking out, Karsyn was Life Flighted from Buffalo to Casper.  Doctors spent six hours in surgery trying to save her leg but after three days in ICU her cold toes never moved again.

Her mom, Julie Hornby recalls the traumatic time, "In the early hours of Saturday morning, [Karsyn] said, 'it hurts, I want them to take it,' which tells you the amount of pain she was actually in." 
Refusing to use a cane for the first day of her freshman year, Karsyn adjusted to walking with her temporary starter prosthesis in record time. Soon she upgraded to her second, more permanent prosthetic. 

"Imagine parking an $18,000 car in your garage and never driving it.  That's how that leg was in our basement.  We kept saying we've got to get this to somebody," Julie said.

And that's just what they did.  Through the Wyoming Haiti Relief the Hornby's found a recipient, Guy Pierre Theodore, a double amputee from Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Since Theodore is a fully grown adult man in his thirties, he wasn't able to use Karsyn's full starter prosthesis, so the team at Precision Prosthetics
built him a new leg using Karsyn's mechanical knee.  The small knee component is worth $8,000.

Owner and prosthetist, Kamil Leman, delivered the newly constructed limb to Theodore in a country that doesn't have tolerance nor the finances to aid the disabled.

Theodore beamed as he received his new legs and had a special message for Karsyn, "Thank you so much. I'm going to pray for you.  God bless you for your donation."

Two lives forever changed and are now adjusted to a new normal, moving forward, one step at a time.

To donate a prosthesis or prosthetic components: 

Precision Prosthetics
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Wyoming Haiti Relief