Hudson Residents Prepare for Flood

 Victoria Fregoso reports,

Flooding from the Popo Agie Rivers damaged streets, homes, and property in Hudson last year.

But for the Ward family, that has the little Popo Agie River just feet away from their home, preparing early paid off for them last year.

"We prepared before, so it didn't actually get into our house, it just got into the alley way, but we did a lot of sandbags," said Heather Ward, Hudson resident.

They just got a notice in the mail telling them they can go to Town Hall for sandbags, so they plan on getting to work right away.

"We can get our sandbags and we can go get our dirt behind us and start sandbagging."

Last week, workers lined up sand and dirt along the rivers for residents to use and to serve as an extra barrier between the water and land.

And this is just one of the ways Heather Ward sees the county being better prepared for the anticipated floods.

"We've got more people coming out and helping out. Like the National Guard is coming out and helping out and we've got lots of sandbags ready for us if we need them."

Filled sandbags that were used during last year's floods still sit in their original spots. Residents left them in place because they feared that flooding would occur again.

And even though the Ward family describes preparing for the floods as hectic, they know it has to be done.

"It just happens, so there's nothing we can do."

Even younger members of the family plan on helping out.

"I like my family so much," said 7-year-old Zachery Ward. "Some parts I can help to do, just help some firefighters."

The 7-year-old says he's not going to let the floods ruin his summer break from school, and his mom is in the same mindset.

"I just want to get it over with and get on with summer time."