Public Meeting Held Regarding Rocky Mountain Power

by Taylor Viydo,

The Wyoming Public Service Commission held a public meeting in Casper on Thursday regarding the proposed rate increase by Rocky Mountain Power.  The rate increase of around $80 million can be attributed to the growing demand for electricity in the state and the need for additional facilities, the company says. Rocky Mountain Power said at the meeting it understands how its customers feel, and that it ultimately has no control over demand.

Statements were heard from the company at the meeting along with various responses from ranging from an AARP representative to Mayor Bertoglio. The meeting also had opportunities for the public to comment and share their thoughts on the issue.

While most of the public concerns highlighted the effects on customers, Mayor Bertoglio said he recognized the cost increase but was more concerned with the reliability of Rocky Mountain Power's systems. The Mayor said Casper has seen a significant uptick in power outages, which poses a threat to the public.

The Commission says a decision  wont be reached until a hearing is held in Cheyenne later this month.