Cab Driver Explains His Side of the Story

by Taylor Viydo, 


A cab driver from Evansville is recovering from injuries he received after his taxi ran off the road on Casper Mountain last week. 

Rumors have been circulating that the crash was attempted suicide, but driver Michael Macy says that's not the case. Macy says that when he was going down Casper Mountain Road on a call, the brakes failed, causing him to go crashing into the mountain side. He then managed to climb up about 150 feet to the road, where a passerby saw him and called 911.  

Macy says that the thought of him intentionally driving the cab off the road is "preposterous," and that he had been happy with his job. Macy also noted that he was wearing his seat belt during the crash, and the fact that he climbed up to the road proved he "wanted to live." 

Wyoming Highway Patrol, which investigated the crash, says that the cab's brakes were intact upon investigation. When asked about the incident, the owner of Casper Cabs says he can "only follow what the police say," and that he "feels compassion" for Macy.