Pet Tip Tuesday- Heat Stroke

Dr. Megan Okes joins us live in our studio for our Pet Tip Tuesday. This weeks topic- Heat Stroke

What is heat stroke?
  • By definition it is extreme elevation in body temperature- in our pets over 106 degrees

How does it happen?
  • Most often in the summer, pets being left in hot cars or exercising in the heat. 
  • Pets can’t cool themselves enough despite being in shade and panting. 
  • Breeds like boxers, pugs, boston terriers, bulldogs; short noses and stocky build are at highest risk
  • It can happen in a matter of minutes

What are the warning signs?

  • Constant, excessive panting
  • Dry, pale gum's
  • Weakness
  • Unwillingness to move around
  • Decreased responsiveness

Why is it dangerous?
  • Can quickly progress to unconsciousness and seizures. 
  • Extreme temperature causes destruction of red blood cells and activates clotting
  • If not recognized and treated quickly can be deadly.

What can I do?
          - Leave your pets at home when it is hot
          - Allow pets to slowly acclimate to warmer temperatures before active in the heat
          - Don’t exercise pets in the heat of the day.
          - Make sure they have access to cool water, shade and shelter

  • If you suspect your pet is overheating cool them off by offering water, soaking hairless areas in lukewarm (NOT COLD) water or rubbing alcohol
  • Get to your veterinarian ASAP!