Keeping Kids Active Over the Summer

 Victoria Fregoso reports,

 With school out across the state, city parks are hosting a wide variety of summer programs to make sure kids enjoy their summer to the fullest. 

Summer is here which means it's time for kids to take a break from the books and enjoy their freedom.

Which is why Lander Parks and Recreation offers a wide variety of activities kids can take part in.

"It's very important to keep the kids busy, give them something to do and get exercise," said Janet Boulette, with the Lander City Park, Parks and Recreation Department. "We want them to have fun, we want them to have a fun summer."

Take this volleyball program for example. It's just one of many that Lander Parks and Rec have to offer.

"Basically, we're just trying to get them to learn the basics, kind of get a feel for playing with the ball. We just use beach balls now, but older groups will use the regular ones and we'll try and get them to play some games, probably at the end," said Katie Dawson, a coach for the Lander Parks and Rec summer volleyball program.

Kids also have their pick at programs like T-Ball, basketball, track, junior golf and they can even go on an adventure with the Sinks Canyon Adventure Camp.

"They started out small and we keep getting more and more programs every year," says Boulette. "We started out with T-Ball and pitching machine."

Coaches with the volleyball program believe it's important for kids to stay active over their summer break.

"It's really important, keeps them active and kind of gives them something to do. I think it helps the parents out a lot too," Dawson said.

Not only does it keep the kids busy, but it can also introduce them to a fun activity that just might become part of their future.

"If they start here, then they'll probably play in high school and junior high and kind of get a feel for it," said Dawson.

"We've got program people that have done pitching machine, T-Ball and now they're the coaches for it, And they participated when they were that age, so it's really fun to watch all the kids grow up through all of our programs," added Boulette.

And when it comes to prices, some program prices are as low as $20. Registration is held at the Parks and Recreation building inside of Lander City Park. You can visit the Lander City Website by clicking here to view a brochure of their programs.