Wyoming Special Olympian Tunes Up for Greece

Drew Douglas and Photojournalist Matt Smith report, ddouglas@k2tv.com and msmith@k2tv.com

While athletes around the world prepare for the Summer Olympics in London next year, select competitiors of the Special Olympics are getting ready for their games in the coming weeks.

K2 TV caught up with Meghen Blumberg for one of her final practices before heading to Athens, Greece.

31-year-old Meghen Blumberg will head to Athens, Greece this weekend to represent Wyoming in the 13th Special Olympics World Summer Games.

She found out in letter from the National Headquarters last September.

"The first two lines it says 'Congratulations you're going to Greece'!" Meghen said.  "I was like, 'you got me up for this couldn't you just tell me over the phone?'"

Meghen has been on the big stage before.  She traveled to Toronto in 1997 for the Winter Games and took home the bronze in snow shoeing.

In the next week, she'll compete in equestrian events including a trail course and a relay.

To prepare, Meghen does two hours of exercise at home daily, on top of the time she spends riding with her trainer Karol Santistevan.

"I thoroughly enjoy it, but it's a lot of work," she said.

Its also been a lot of hard work for Meghen switching to an English saddle, after being accustomed to a western one.

"The difference is the western saddle is wider than the English saddle," Meghen said.

Meghen will have support if any other challenges are to pop up during competetion.  She'll be traveling with 314 athletes and 125 coaches, as well as mom and dad.

Joining Meghen on the trip to Greece are 33-year-old Tim Heckert of Worland, who will participate in aquatics and Sarah Call from Cody who will coach that sport.

The three are scheduled to meet up with the rest of Team USA in Baltimore on Saturday, before flying to Greece this weekend as an entire team.