Fire Crews Rescue Girl after Fall

Natrona County Firefighters, along with Mills and Casper Fire Departments rescued a 19-year-old woman who fell into a well this morning.

Around 7:30 a.m., Ciara Foldenauer, who was staying on a friends ranch near Zero Road, took a step out of the guest house where she was staying.  When she did, the ground beneath her collapsed, and she fell 20 feet into a well.

The homeowner heard her screaming for help and found her about 20 minutes after the fall.  Local fire agencies took just about an hour to rescue Foldenauer.

Despite the long fall, she walked away with just a gash to her leg.

The family has been living on the property for about 7 years and say they did not know there was a well beneath, what they thought, was a cement sidewalk.  They plan to fill it with cement and have the rest of the property inspected.