Equine Herpes Virus: Not an Epidemic

by Taylor Viydo, tviydo@k2tv.com 

Officials have confirmed the state's first case of equine herpes virus 1 for this year. The virus was found in a horse in Johnson County, which has subsequently been quarantined. Officials are also running tests on a second horse which was put down after showing symptoms of the virus. Both horses shared stable quarters in Johnson county.  

But, officials say that this case is an isolated incident and the situation is in no way an epidemic. "The most critical thing to do in this situation is to avoid paranoia," said Wyoming State Veterinarian Jim Logan. As it turns out, the equine herpes virus can always be found where horses are. The particular infection found in the Johnson County horse was a neurologic syndrome, and various other strains of the virus exist. According to Logan, the neurologic strain is fairly rare.  

While people should follow good practice when caring for their horses, this incident should not impede their business in any way. "[People] need to use good judgment and not panic," said Logan. Logan also mentioned that he does not expect the state to impose any restrictions on transporting horses in or out of the state.