Water Safety

Megan Contreras Reporting

It's officially summer here in Wyoming and we all know as temperatures rise, more and more people will be spending time outdoors.
"Alcova and Pathfinder are fantastic places to enjoy the weekend, holiday weekends or any weekend during the year."
While you're out there having fun, just remember, safety is key.
"Life jackets are a requirement for any watercraft. Every person on the boat has to have one, has to fit them and has to be in good working order. Most watercraft also need an fire extinguisher that are in good working order, a throwable type 4 flotation device and then there's some other things when it comes to skiing or tubing you have to have like an orange flag, a sound producing device as well on the watercraft. Just recognizing being courteous out there, keeping 100 feet from other boats, not jumping their wake within 100 feet if their fishing or anchored."
Kittel says most of their stops are to make sure boaters have their safety equipment on board.
So far the majority have been following the rules.
"Most people are acknowledging there are extra things they need to do with their boats. Acknowledging they need to have a sober driver on their boat. We want everyone to go home making great choices throughout the weekend and to have great memories."
Most violations have been pretty minor, but Kittel says if you have any doubts about the rules or regulations, all you have to do is ask.
"Just stop by, flag us down and just ask us what you need on the boat. Even though you're coming to us asking us, we're not going to write you a ticket because you failed to have one item on your boat. We actually encourage something like that with folks being proactive on their safety equipment. It would be a great thing to see."
Kittel had a few words of advice for those who will be spending their time on the water this summer.
"There's 2 words...common sense. It's probably the best thing and trying to be prepared."