Illegal Rocket's Red Glares...Causing Flares

K2's Ophelia Young reports,

Long before last night's firework celebrations began, firework enthusiasts were already shooting up the rocket's red glare...illegally. 

County officials report there were 140 complaints about illegal firework use and some of that use caused three wildfires and one camp trailer fire. 

100 of those complaints were in Casper alone.  Casper Police report, 55 came in on the actually fourth of July day and night. 

Casper Police say sometimes rain will quell the illegal activity but yesterday's weather was perfect.  However, the perfect weather worked to the fire departments' advantage because the light winds didn't spread any fires that did result from fireworks. 

There were a total of four fires which the Natrona County Fire Protection say were firework-related.  The largest burned about ten acres of dry grass in Fremont Canyon.