The Blind Plead to Enzi: Equal Pay for Equal Work

K2's Ophelia Young reports, 

Today, 20 rallies across the nation demanded a change in what they say is a discriminatory law. 

One of those rallies took place this morning in Casper. 

The National Federation of the Blind of Wyoming say section 511 of the Workforce Reinforcement Act allows employers to pay them less than federal wages. They are trying to change this act, which is up for re-authorization on August 3rd. 

In a rally today in front of the Dick Cheney Federal Building, about 20 citizens, mostly blind, asked Senator Enzi to remove section 511.

K2 asked Senator Michael Enzi for a response to the protests. 

Contrary to the protesters, his office says changing this law,"wouldn't do what this group wants done."  The office also says those disabled who are earning wages less than the minimum are, "being trained or evaluated to do a job everyone hopes will lead to a higher paying job." 

The protesters respond saying that the training or evaluation period is undefined and can open them up to exploitation.