Pet Tip Tuesday- Bringing Home Your New Pet

I’ve chosen what kind…now how do I pick the right one?

  • Find reputable breeders through AKC, veterinarians or referrals

- CLEAN facility

- Will give you access to the entire litter including mother and father

- Health records of mother and father- certifications

- References- CALL THEM!

- Certify health- have seen veterinarian, initial vaccines given, require health inspection by veterinarian after adoption

- AKC certification is PURE breeding NOT health guarantee

Introducing a new pet

What is the first step to introducing a new pet to my home?

  • GO SLOW!

  • Allow time to acclimate to new surroundings in 1 quiet room of the house for an hour…or more.

What about my other pets?

  • Allow your new pets and other pets to smell each other FIRST, before contact

    • Through a door, crate

    • Can be an hour a day or longer- longer for older pets

  • SUPERVISED contact in short doses, increasing until confident no fights (may be a month or more)

Where should my pet stay?

  • Crates are great w/ puppies- keep out of trouble and their own secure spot

  • Show pet around the house in OK areas and off limits (close doors or put up gates to off limits areas)

What about food and bathroom?

  • Show your new pet the pet doors and how to use

  • litter boxes- keep in quiet places min 1 per cat

  • Food and water in an easy access spot and easy to clean

  • Clean up any accidents with an enzymatic cleaner to prevent future accidents

What if there are fights?

  • To some extent, we expect some resistance to change

  • Keep the pecking order- feed older pet first

  • Feed separately

  • Give it time and be patient