Pony Express Riders Re-Riding History

K2's Ophelia Young reports, oyoung@k2tv.com: 

Pony Express rider Jay Jensen rode into Casper's National Historic Trails Interpretive Center at 11:30 a.m. Sunday morning. 

He is on of 700 riders across the country who share a leg in a nearly 2,000 mile relay by horse from St. Joseph, Missouri to Sacramento, California. 

His purpose?  To ensure the safe delivery of a mochilla bag of commemorative letters.  He rides about 10 miles before passing on the bag to the next rider in charge of the next leg. 

But Jensen says today, he has a larger purpose than that immediate task.  He's preserving the history of what was America's fastest mail delivery system for 18 months, before it was put out by the invention of the telegram.  But at a critical time in the development of our nation, history could have been different without it. 

So as ride captain of the Central Wyoming Chapter of the National Pony Express Association, Jensen made sure Wyoming did our share to deliver the mochilla bag, and keep history alive.