Vandalism at Casper Speedway

K2's Ophelia Young reports, 

To whoever did this: 

Casper Speedway Association President Lou Grunewald doesn't think the joke is funny. 

After the rain shower this past Saturday, someone decided to start up his water truck, typically used to moisten the racetracks.  They plowed down the fence and drove it uphill.  When they reached a gate, they tried to go around by driving over some uke tires.  They nearly tore one tire up before they got stuck in a berm.  Then they put the huge truck in park, and left it sitting.

Grunewald says anyone who managed to drive the truck up the hill was familiar with how to drive a big rig. 

The damage adds up to about 2 thousand dollars, but Grunewald says its not about the money--it's about the stress.  He says the incident will fortunately not affect the championships this Friday, and is asking the public to call with any leads to the vandalism suspect.