Neighborhood Option for School Enrollment

Another preference has been added to the Natrona County School District's open enrollment policy.

Students can now request to attend a school closest to their home.

In order of priority, the preferences now are:     

       1) Students currently enrolled in the school who wish to remain at the school for the upcoming school year, including children who are being retained, are placed first.

        2) Students enrolling in an entry-level grade (kindergarten, sixth and/or ninth), in a school who have a sibling(s) currently attending are placed next.

        3) Students enrolling in an entry-level grade (kindergarten, sixth and/or ninth) in a school who are students of staff members who work at the school for 10 or more hours per week are placed next.

        4) If there are students currently on a waiting list (for the current school year) who requested the school through the online process again, are placed next.

        5) Incoming kindergartners and sixth-grade students, whose parents choose for them to attend the closest school in which their family resides during the open enrollment process are placed next.

        6) Students currently enrolled in a school who are requesting a change from one school to another are then placed in the school.

The addition of the 5th preference was made in a board meeting last night.