Wounded Warriors Project

By Andrew Lofholm, alofholm@k2tv.com

    The Wounded Warriors Project sponsored a hunting trip in Douglas for four injured vets.  The goal of the Wounded Warrior project is to help transition soldiers from active duty back to life at home.  The Wounded Warrior Project is a nationwide organization that sponsors events to, "honor and empower wounded warriors." 

There are over 47,000 wounded warriors since 9/11, for every one solider killed, seven are wounded, including physical and non-physical injuries.  They pay for entire trip, from airplane tickets, to the taxidermist.

It's antelope hunting season in Wyoming but for these wounded warriors, it is about a whole lot more than actually hunting, It's about the comradery.

"To be able to go out with other disabled vets, it's a great way to meet new friends," said Army Staff Sargent Matthew Kiel.

"Our real healing comes from each other, and if we help each other we can do anything we want," Sargent Jason Nielson said. 

It does not matter what the injury is, the Wounded Warrior project is there for these down, but not forgotten heroes.

Jim Zumbo, Outdoor TV Host said, "This particular hunt that we put on is for wounded warriors that are pretty hurt. We have double leg amputees and folks in wheelchairs that are pretty badly paralyzed."

These veterans are on a mission, a mission of restoring their confidence.

"It shows me I can still do stuff that I did before, maybe not in the same way, but I am still able to get out there and do the things that I love to do," Nielson added.

"The invitation alone gives me a sense of confidence...I get this huge sense of confidence when I come home to my wife and kids, I am a completely different person," Kiel said.

The people behind the Wounded Warrior project said they do it to thank these veterans for everything they have done. 

"It's a small way to repay them for their service," Zumbo said.

And plans for coming back next year?

"As long as they have me back, I'll be here," exclaimed Nielson.

If you would like to donate to these hunting trips, you are asked to contact Erick Mares at highpinesoutfitters@gmail.com