Pet Tip Tuesday- Physical and Wellness Exams

Dr. Megan Okes joins us in our studio with our Pet Tip Tuesday. This weeks topic is "Physical and Wellness Exams."

Importance of physical exams and wellness visits

Why should I take my pets to the vet if they are not sick or due for vaccines?

  • You SHOULD visit your Dr AT least once yearly for a physical exam

  • We want to see your pets when they are not sick

  • New vaccine protocols spread out visits to every other year…or longer

  • Our pets age much more rapidly than we do, therefore need medical treatment earlier in life.

How often should my pets have exams and wellness visits?

  • Ideally every 6 months for all pets- more often for puppies/kittens (vaccines) and geriatric patients

  • Visits this frequently for our pets are like us having an exam every 3 years!

What can a physical exam tell me?

  • Overall health of your pets

    • Weight- gains, losses

    • Oral health- gum disease, abscess, fractured teeth

    • Ocular (eye) health- cataracts, glaucoma

    • Ear checks- infection, wax impaction, foreign bodies

    • Mobility- stiffness, lameness, weakness

    • Cardiac health – heart murmurs, cough

What if there is something abnormal on physical exam?

  • We then move forward with diagnosis and treatment AFTER diagnosis

  • EARLY detection is the KEY to long, healthy lives

  • Minor changes in any region of the body can be addressed and treated BEFORE it becomes a problem for your pet

What if my veterinarian never finds anything wrong with my pets?

  • Congratulations! You have healthy pets!

  • Ask questions on what they do see at each visit

  • Ask how to keep your pets healthy between visits or what to watch for