State Confirms Fourth Listeria Infection

The Wyoming Department of Health says it has confirmed a fourth case of listeria-related illness in the state.  
According to spokeswoman Kim Deti lab tests came in today confirming that an elderly male from Lincoln County has been infected, and matches the strains connected to the outbreak. 
A Sheridan woman died and a man and woman from Laramie County were been sickened by the disease in recent weeks. A national outbreak of the disease has been associated with Rocky Ford-brand cantaloupe from Jensen farms in Colorado. 
Meanwhile the FDA now says pools of water on the floor and old, hard-to-clean equipment at packing facility were probably to blame for the outbreak. Investigators found positive samples of the bacteria on equipment in the Jensen Farms packing facility and on fruit that had been held there. The agency said the contamination likely happened in the packing house, but the way the cantaloupes were cooled after being picked may have also contributed to listeria growth. Another possible source was a truck that frequently hauled cantaloupe to a cattle operation and was parked near the packing house.