Gun Restrictions Possible at City Meetings

A proposal to ban people from openly carrying fire arms at city meetings was discussed at a City Hall work session. 

The recent law that was passed allowing anyone to carry open weapons raised questions about what should be allowed at city meetings. 

It is basically an issue of a person's right to bear arms versus the public's right to feel safe at city meetings and not feel intimidated. 

The Casper City Council does believe this is an issue that needs to be addressed publicly. 

Mayor Paul Bertoglio believes if this is a problem relating to the issue of unconcealed weapons in city meetings then it should be addressed by the State Legislature. 

Mayor Bertoglio expressed in the meeting no issues have occurred here in Casper. 

Some of the topics that were discussed were the definition of a "city" meeting and the fact there are no statewide restrictions currently, relating to the issue. 

An ordinance has been drafted. Council members voted to hold a public hearing Tuesday, November 1st. 

And according to council members and the mayor, it should be "quite a lively discussion."