Pet Safety Tips for Halloween

Well Halloween can be a scary time not only for kids, but for pets too. 

Here are some safety tips to keep in mind for your pet when the witches and goblins come out. 

People should keep in mind that pets can play just as much as a part in Halloween as kids can. 

Festive pumpkins and corn are relatively nontoxic, but can cause an upset stomach for dogs and cats that nibble on them. 

Keep candy away from your pets. 

Chocolate can be especially dangerous and fatal if large amounts are consumed. 

Call the animal poison control center if you suspect your pet swallowed something dangerous. 

Consider confining your pet to a separate room since opening the door for trick-or-treaters gives plenty of opportunity for escape. 

Animal shelters are especially careful when adopting out black cats this time of year. 

And of course lots of people love to dress up their cats and dogs, but this can be stressful for your pet. 

You should make sure if you do dress them up that the costume fits correctly and that there are no small or easily chewed-off pieces.