Casper Prepares for First Snowstorm

By Andrew Lofholm, 
With tomorrow's expected snow storm, the Public Service Department says they are prepared for whatever mother nature throws at them.
At 4 am tomorrow Casper's 17 snow plows will begin clearing about 500 miles of city streets. From there, a new shift will depart at Noon and again at 8pm with the goal to keep the streets as safe as possible. 
In addition to the snow plows, they will spread "ice slicer" as needed to limit sliding on the frozen roads. If the snow storm reaches a serious public safety threat, they will activate emergency snow routes.
Residents should have been contacted if they live on an emergency snow route but if you are unsure, you can log onto and see if your street is listed. Your car may be towed or ticketed for parking on an emergency snow route.