Full Body Scanner Begins Use In NCIA

K2's Ophelia Young reports, oyoung@k2tv.com: 

Security check-in was different for some Wyoming travelers today--TSA began using a full body scanner at the Natrona County International Airport. 

NCIA is one of 29 airports nationwide to receive the new Advanced Image Technology system.  The machine screens travelers for metal and non-metal threats without any physical contact.  But, since the very first use of the system in 2007, travelers have worried that it strips away privacy by giving TSA see-through vision. 

Today, TSA assured there will be no image of anyone's body.  The image produced is just a model: 

The image wont be transported or saved.  I also asked TSA if the millimeter waves emitted by the machine pose any health threats.  An official says, the amount of waves flyers are exposed to are way below health standards. 

All things considered, most travelers in Casper are welcoming the new safety tool. But if you're one who still does not feel comfortable with this technology, you can say "no" and choose the alternative: the metal detector, and a pat-down.  If all goes smoothly (And, TSA says it usually does.) check-ins should be swifter, flight security should be stronger.