Teacher of the Month - October

by Taylor Viydo, tviydo@k2tv.com


As a teacher at Douglas Middle School, Tonya Washington teaches one level of math, two reading classes and a language arts class.

In particular, Math appears to be one of the more favorite subjects of her students. However, her ability to teach math isn't what makes her a favorite amongst her students. "She always has that funny attitude." said student Nathan Romberg. Cory Phillips says, "She thinks about other people and she thinks that people want to succeed in school."

And Cory couldn't have said it any better. "Watching the kids light-up when they get a concept or figure something out that they were struggling with...that's why I like doing what I do." said Washington. "I don't feel like I'm going to work...I come and I just have a great time. I want to see kids grow."

When asked to share an example of a success story from her classroom, Washington said, "Sometimes I don't think I'm doing a good job, but then I see the kids and they're smiling, they're doing their job so to speak...every day is a success story for me."