Banks Vs. Credit Unions

K2's Ophelia Young reports,  

Higher interest on saving accounts, little or no fees, no stock holders at the top to cater to, and the tellers know your name--these are the reasons River Rail Community Federal Credit Union says many have been pulling their funds out of large corporate banks and parking them in their teller windows.  

This weekend, Occupy Wall Street protesters encouraged more Americans to do this.  River Rail has seen a 25% increase of new members from Friday.  

The major agitator for people's disappointment in large banks are debit card fees.  But one local corporate bank in town points out that they stopped charging that fee when they learned it upset their customers.  

Wells Fargo is the largest corporate bank in Casper. They believe they care for their customers just as much as credit unions.  They say they're doing everything they can to strenghten confidence in their clients.