Wyoming Adoption & Foster Care Alliance Seminar

Informative workshops and discussions about foster care were addressed at a conference here in Casper. 

The Wyoming Adoption and Foster Care Alliance held their second annual Road to Adoption at Casper College. 

The Alliance is an organization that helps connect families and the agencies that provide adoption and foster care. 

The seminar helped answer questions of the process and to also educate those who are thinking about adoption and foster care. 

Becoming adoption or foster care parents can be quite a lot to take on, if parents aren't prepared. 

The seminar broke down the nuts and bolts of adoption and foster care, empowering core knowledge for parents. 

Understanding what these children have been through is extremely important and parents learned ways on how to offer healing for them. 

There were discussions about international and domestic adoption, as well as infertility and foster care. 

Resources of all kinds were available for parents that had questions about their possible journey of adoption and foster care. 

It's a tough process for anyone involved, but with the right knowledge it can be rewarding for both the child and the parents. 

Approximately 130,000 children were waiting in U.S. foster care systems to be adopted in 2008. 

And about 40-percent of American Adults have considered adoption.