We are looking at a wild weather Wednesday today as a couple of factors result in the potential for hazardous weather across the Cowboy State.  Firstly, extreme heat builing East of the Divide will result in temperatures close to, if not at or above, the 100 degree mark in cities such as Casper, Worland, Thermopolis, Basin, Sheridan, Douglas and Torrington.  With this dangerous heat it is important to stay hydrated, keep indoors as much as possible during peak hours and to keep an eye on those susceptible to the hot weather such as the elderly.

Apart from the heat today thunderstorm potential will increase into the afternoon for portions of the Green River Basin and then East of the Divide from Buffalo to Sundance down to Laramie and Cheyenne and up to here in Casper.  With this potential comes the risk of severe development from Southern Campbell and Weston Counties down to the Cheyenne area.  With Frontier Days continuing today if you are attending the event keep a close eye on the radar into the afternoon with the potential for large/damaging hail, heavy downpours and strong winds.

TONIGHT:  Thunderstorm potential will continue into the early evening before conditions calm as temperatures cool into the 60's for most areas East of the Divide.  Evening and morning hours will be the best times to spend outdoors for yard work or your workout as temperatures will be much more tolerable to spend more than just a few minutes outside.

THURSDAY: Yet again, excessive heat is expected to grip lower elevations East of the Divide with highs well into the 90's and in some areas at or above 100 degrees.  Thunderstorm potential will diminish into tomorrow, but as that risk becomes less significant the dangers of extreme heat will continue to be seen.  Keep a close eye on pets and livestock and keep not only them but yourself hydrated.

LOOKING AHEAD: After today and tomorrow's scorching hot weather temperatures will begin to fall back into the low 90's and upper 80's to start the weekend on Friday, and into the mid to low 80's by the end of the weekend.  Additionally, chance of afternoon thunderstorm development will decrease as we roll into the weekend making for a good July weekend to hit those mountainous higher elevation nearby and do some camping in the cooler regions around us.

John Shrable
Updated: 8:15 AM