Weekend of Feb 27th-Mar 1st

Friday:  A chilly start to the weekend with cold highs in the teens and twenties statewide.  Skies will be seen as much clearer than yesterday's with dry conditions for areas East of the Divide.  Western areas can expect accumulating snowfall into the afternoon especially for upper elevations.

Saturday: Temperatures can be expected to be even more frigid for your Saturday still in the teens and twenties but having dropped a few degrees for most regions.  Cloud cover will have increased overnight with snowfall becoming widespread into your Saturday afternoon.  Evening lows will continue to fall into the single digits with wind chills below zero.

Sunday: March will certainly be coming in like a lion for 2015.  After new snowfall and likely slick roads through Saturday, Sunday will bring increasingly clear and dry skies and temperatures continuing below our seasonal average.  Highs for the vast majority of the state will be felt in the 20's with continued lows falling into the single digits.

Looking Ahead:  A brief warmup on Monday into the 30's and 40's under sunny skies.  Do get outside and enjoy your cool start to the next work week as temperatures are expected to quickly fall into the teens for highs by Tuesday and Wednesday.  Along with the frigid cold into the middle of next week comes another round of the white stuff for the Cowboy State.

John Shrable
Updated: 8:15 am