FRIDAY-SUNDAY Oct 24th-26th

Pretty nice start to the weekend!  With warm highs in the 70's for most of Central and Eastern Wyoming and increasingly sunny skies into the afternoon today will be a great start to the weekend to get outside... that is if you don't mind some Wyoming wind.  Winds will gust across the state into the 30-40 mile per hour range, but with temperatures so nice this is still a Friday to certainly enjoy some of that late season sunshine.

Saturday: Even warmer and clearer than today with temperatures approaching the 80's for many regions and solidly peaking in the 70's through your day.  Winds will be breezy at times.

Sunday: One more nice day before our Monday drop off in temperatures.  Highs will cool into the 50's for Northwest Wyoming while the rest of the state holds onto the 60's and 70's.  More clear and dry weather is to be enjoyed East of the Divide while Western areas see rain and snow working in.

Looking Ahead: After another warm weekend temperatures Monday will cool dramatically into the 40's and 50's along with increased cloud cover and snow West of the Divide.  For areas East of the Divide situations will vary, with the Wind River Basin likely remaining dry and other lower elevations seeing the possibility of rain and even rain/snow mix.

John Shrable
Updated: 8:00 AM