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K2 Story: Natrona County's Model Student-Athlete

Taliah Blom is 19th in the entire country in speech and debate. She's also the number 1 breast stroker on the Natrona County swim team. Add in her grades and social life, and Taliah is a model student-athlete.

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Senate votes to stop US support for Yemen war following Khashoggi's murder

The Senate voted Thursday to stop U.S. support for the Saudi war in Yemen and condemned the Saudi crown prince over his alleged role in a journalist's... Read More

Suspect in deadly shooting in France killed during standoff with police

Three were killed and 13 wounded in the shooting in Strasbourg on Tuesday. Read More

Trump denies he 'directed' Cohen to break the law as prosecutors contend

President Trump has reacted for the first time to Michael Cohen's sentencing, denying he "directed" Cohen to commit crimes. Read More