Child Advocacy Project Protects Abused Victims

The Penn State abuse scandal is still making headlines nationwide. 

One local organization here in Casper focuses solely on the victims of sexual abuse. 

The scandal involving officials and multiple sexually abused victims has engulfed Penn State and shocked the country. 

Riots that have broken out on the campus have over shadowed the eight young sexual abused victims. 

The Child Advocacy Project here in Casper is a non profit organization that helps protect victims, like those, in the Penn State scandal. 

Officials at Penn State failed to come forward to protect the victims of child sexual abuse. 

Both the school president and famed coach Joe Paterno have been fired for not reporting the abuse allegations. 

One in six boys are sexually abused before the age of 18 and 90 percent of them by someone they know. 

Less than ten percent of those children will come forward. 

C.A.P. focuses on the safety of the abused child and works for a more effective and efficient response. 

Rooms are euipped with video cameras and interviewed by a qualified staff member. 

Last year, C.A.P. provided nearly 200 interviews relating to abuse. 

And while the voice of the victims were not heard for years in the Penn State scandal, the state of Wyoming mandates that if you know or suspect child abuse is happening, you are required to report the crime. 

The Pennsylvania Governor, Tom Corbett, is now calling for the state to change its law. 

He said a new law is needed to make sure reports of alleged child sexual abuse are made to government authorities. 

According to the governor, a bill may possibly be passed by the end of this year.