Rembering Dr. Brent Bills

 Victoria Fregoso reports,

 Friends, family members and patients of Doctor Brent Bills are in mourning.

 He was unlike any other doctor you would ever meet.

"I would say that every community has its icons, those people that are unique and Brent Bills was one of Lander's icons," said Bill Sniffin, a friend of Brent Bills.

He is an icon for establishing his own practice

"He told stories and stuff and he made it really fun to get braces on even though I didn't want to," said Hayden Johnson, a new patient of Dr. Bills.

And an icon for putting on a 4th of July fireworks show that attracted thousands of spectators.

"Our 4th of July is just unbelievable," said Sniffin. "But one of the key components of that was the huge fireworks display that he and his family put on, on the night of July 3rd."

Every 4th of July weekend, Dr. Bills opened his lawn to strangers and friends alike, treating them to watermelon, ice cream and what many say is the best fireworks show in the world.

Dr. Bills hosted fireworks shows for more than 25 years now, those watching told me he was the most patriotic person they had ever met and they're happy he shared his patriotism with the world.

"This is the most patriotic learning experience you will ever find in any fireworks show through out the nation," said Lane Parry, who directed the re-enactment skit at this year's show. 

"Just a tremendous American, wave the flag 4th of July," said Robert Tyson as he sat on Dr. Bills lawn waited for the 2011 fireworks show to begin.

As an orthodontist he improved the smiles of thousands.

"What a great doctor," said Wolf Johnson, who has been a patient of Dr. Bills for the past 3 years. "It was just really amazing to have him do my braces and see him every so often."

Doctor Bills will be remembered as a man that made great contributions to the community and put others first.

In an interview before his show began the night of July 3rd, 2011, he said: "We're just grateful for all the people that love America, love the values that this nation was founded upon and are trying to be better people."

Family members are planning a memorial service for Brent Bills this Tuesday.