From Kenya To LCCC - Changing One Life At A Time

Jeff Schuman reports,

LCCC student and Kenyan Native is looking to help his country's health problems with his Wyoming education.

Over 8,700 miles from Wyoming rests a country with nearly 41 million people.

"I'm from Kenya; that's in Africa," LCCC student Dhillon Rono said.

A culture far from that of the United States.

"Back there, you don't have the essential utilities like electricity."

And a country that does not provide the educational opportunities quite like those available here in the states.

"It's all about if you have money then you go to school. But if you don't, then you don't have a chance to go to school. It's not like here where everybody can go to school."

The International Student Services program at Laramie County Community College has opened the door for Dhillon to pursue a higher education.

"A lot of them are surprised by the freedoms that we have and a lot of the things that we enjoy and just take for granted," LCCC student services V.P. said. "And so they really flourish in whatever program they're going into."

Dhillon says there are many differences from American schools to schools in Kenya...even something as simple as the everyday commute.

"When I mean commuting, it's like running to school for five miles," Rono said. "So five miles each and every day, like, you know you go there five miles and come back five miles."

Getting to LCCC every day has been easier than learning the English language proficiently. But Dhillon says fellow students have helped with the transition. And as a student in the nursing program, he says he hopes to take his education and experience back to his native country.

"If I can get to learn a little bit on the public health, then I think that's one of the areas that the people in my place really need and I'd love to go there and help them out. I know they need more of my help."