LCCC Supplying For Tanzania School

Jeff Schuman reports,

The International Student Services at LCCC is holding a supply drive to support a school in Tanzania in need.

"The students that are at the school are the poorest of the poor," LCCC International student coordinator Sara Fleenor said.

With limited resources, education is reserved for the privileged in Tanzania.

"There are enough resources to support about 250 students, but there are 400 students in that community that could be educated," LCCC student services V.P. Grant Wilson said.

Through the Indigenous Education Foundation of Tanzania, LCCC is holding a supply drive.

"School supplies that are hard to find are plastic boxes to keep the bugs out of things, pencil, pens, markers, crayons, colored paper is hard to find," Fleenor said.

With hopes of improving the 72% literacy rate that is simply an estimate.

"You don't learn to write without writing. You don't learn to do math without doing the problems. You don't learn whatever it is without having the supplies, without having the paper, the pens, the books," Wilson said.

"These supplies help the school to be able to run and to help the students be able to actually fulfill their educational goals," Fleenor said.

In addition to school supplies, medicine and health supplies like cough drops, cough medicine, band-aids and even toothbrushes and toothpasate are being collected to help support a culture that faces grim circumstances.

"People can send donations to LCCC to the International Student Office. They can drop them by or they can send monetary donations and we'll buy the supplies to send over," Fleenor said.

While textbooks seem a given in the United States and pens and paper cost nothing more than a few dollars, these basic supplies can change the lives of countless children in Tanzania.

"Thank you for the support," two children from Tanzania said.