Details Emerge in Douglas Murder Case

K2's Ophelia Young, 

More details have emerged in the murder of a Douglas woman in August. 

The suspected killer, 36-year-old Zachary Edwards, was scheduled for an initial appearance hearing in court this morning, but his public defender waived the session.  Apparently, Edwards' $100,000 cash bond was set and his first degree murder charge was read to him shortly after it was filed earlier this month. 

Though Edwards' attorney refused to describe why he would waive an initial appearance, one other local attorney guessed Edward's attorney felt the hearing was unnecessary and wanted to avoid media attention. 

There was no hearing today, but K2 did receive an affidavit that details what happened last August.  Edwards and the victim, Callie Nelson, were heard arguing in the victim's apartment on the 25th. Six days later, police received calls about the missing victim, entered her apartment home, and found her dead body. 

Autopsy results show she was strangled.  Meanwhile, Edwards was seen driving the victim's car, was recorded using her ATM card, and was heard telling others she ran off with another man.  And on the day the victim's body was found, Edwards turned himself in on an outstanding warrant unrelated to the murder case. 

Edwards has been in custody since.  Now his murder case is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on December 9th.