Wyoming Ski Resorts Surviving the Winter

Despite the recent warm temperatures, ski resorts here in Wyoming still have plenty of snow for riders. 

The warm temperatures may be deceiving for riders, but after being up at hogadon today, there is still definitely still a good amount of snow. 

Snowfall numbers may be down from last winters record dumping, but Wyoming ski resorts are seeing good business for far this season. 

Hogadon ski area reports an above average 23 inch base. 

All 24 trails are open for riders. 

So far this season, hogadon has seen strong season pass and ticket sales. 

And Jackson Hole has also had a great season. 

Even though trail conditions have been great here in Wyoming this season, riders are still willing to check out other spots, like Colorado, in the Rocky Mountain region. 

And of course ski resorts have one hope still for the season. 

More snow.