I-80 Closes Due To Fatal Accident

Jeff Schuman reports, jschuman@k2tv.com

A two truck collision killed one driver while closing I-80 eastbound for much of the day.

At approximately 5:50 A.M. state troopers arrived to a tractor trailer engulfed in flames.

"One tractor trailer was going approximately 5 to 10 m.p.h. when rear-ended by another one," Wyoming State Trooper Troy Marrs said.

Witnesses say the trailer immediately caught on fire and remained on fire for up to an hour.

"The vehicle that got rear-ended that was slow moving...the co-driver of that vehicle came back, attempted to approach the vehicle that was on fire to see if he could help the driver," Marrs said. "He said it was fully engulfed at that time. There was some type of explosion. He was unable to assist that driver, at which time they went back to their truck and pulled their tractor away from the trailer in case the flames spread."

Police and firefighters were on the scene all morning and afternoon, as well as a coroner.

"We did recover one victim from the...one of the tractor trailers."

The driver killed was a 48 year-old male from Omaha. The other driver, from Michigan, was treated and released from Ivinson Hospital while the passenger was not injured. What has highway patrol puzzled is...

"Why one truck was going 5 to 10 m.p.h. So we're looking at mechanical; I'll be doing a full truck inspection on that, interviewing the driver again when he is discharged from the hospital and going from there."