Alleged Assault; Leads to Bar Nunn School Lockdown

We now know more details about what caused the school in Bar Nunn to be locked down yesterday afternoon. 

Authorities raided a nearby home and arrested two suspects for aggravated assault. 

It appears to be a drug deal gone bad. 

Lester Brown had allegedly tried to buy meth from Justin Glidden. 

Court documents show Glidden felt he was shortened of cash by Brown and Brown promised to meet up later with the money. 

But Brown never showed. 

Glidden and four others went after Brown. 

The documents show they found him in the parking lot of the Royal Inn on A Street in Casper. 

After Brown refused to get in their truck, he ran. 

Authorities say one of the passengers, James Lund, was told to stay in the vehicle, but did not listen. 

Lund allegedly threw knives at Brown. 

Brown was hit and says someone told him, "This isn't over." 

Authorities tracked the people inside the truck to Glidden's home in Bar Nunn. 

They then raided the home, causing the school nearby to be on lock down. 

Both Glidden and Lund appeared in court today on several charges including aggravated assault. 

Both of their bonds were set at $25,000.