Mountain Fit/Ascent CrossFit/ Week 2 WOD #1

Today’s WOD is a time based workout called “AMRAP”. It stands for “As Many Rounds As Possible. This means you will perform all of the exercises, as quickly as possible and after completing the three exercises will count as one “round”. You must keep track of how many “rounds” you complete. In order to create a more challenging workout for everyone, this workout is scaled for advanced, intermediate, and beginners. Today there are three exercises:


Advanced – 20 minutes

Intermediate – 15 minutes

Beginner – 10 minutes of:

Push-ups x 15

Running in place with high knees x 15 per leg

Overhead Squats x 10

It is important to record how many rounds you complete and a few months down the road attempt the workout again and see if you have improved. We also encourage you to go to our Facebook page at should you have any questions for a trainer.

For a detailed video on how to do a proper overhead squat, please visit the Mountain Fit video by clicking on the following link: